About me

I graduated from Maidstone College of Art with a degree in Fine Art and it was at this time that I developed an interest in representations of the human form and in particular, old dolls and figurines. This led to a fascination with Egyptian Ushabti figures and amulets.

After acquiring a small test kiln I began making miniature figures out of white earthenware, decorating them by hand. After some research, I came across an authentic recipe for Egyptian paste and decided to make up my own. Each of the Egyptian paste beads and amulets are designed and made by me. I initially make the small figures and fly amulets in earthenware which I then use to create the molds for taking casts in Egyptian Paste.


Working with Egyptian paste is very difficult, due to the clay's lack of plasticity. Therefore, the process of taking casts, drilling and paring down is not always successful and the whole process will have to be repeated. This means that when the product is successfully fired it will be of the highest quality.